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Boca graduated from the Good Dog Academy. He uses the principles of operant conditioning to study how good dog behaviors can be used to maximize treat-giving in humans. Please contact him if you have treats and would like to collaborate. In a second line of work he explores cross-species relations by observing changes in squirrel behavior in response to the presence of canines.  


My clinical interests are focused on separation anxiety, relevant coping strategies, and interpersonal strategies to convince pawrents to stay home from work. My research interests are focused on social media, the role of influencers, and how I can gain more followers (@pup_named_joanie). In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends Julia and Boca, napping, trying to convince my mom to give me pizza, stealing food from my mom, and shredding toys into the tiniest pieces possible.


Brie’s research focuses on implementation intentions and behavior change in humans. She provides humans with training on how to develop better habits, like giving more treats and twirling ribbons more often. In her time off, she ponders what life would be like if she had opposable thumbs to open the ribbon and treats drawer herself. 


Reny is pursuing a dogtorate degree in psychology after a career in the Canine Intelligence Agency (CIA). He has received national recognition for his work, “Law and Odor: Dogs Detect Deception in Terror Suspects by Identifying Scents in Their Sweat Emitted During Interrogation”. His current research project focuses on how dogs use tactical deception and adjust their behavior to get what they want from humans, such as snuggles and bacon. Feel free to email Reny at to collaborate.  In his free time, Reny enjoys hiking, looking out the window, and playing hide-and-seek with his human, Jessica. He especially likes popping in Jessica’s virtual meetings and squeaking his hedgehog toy while she talks.


Gyrus is the baby ball python of Crystal Jewell. His interests lie in applied exploratory neuroscience research on the gut-brain connection using rodent models. Like his mama, Gyrus is an activist for sustainability. To align with his zero-waste values, necropsies and research consist of Gyrus sending the mouse subject to his own gut then noting how it affects his brain. As opposed to conventional beliefs, he always prays and thanks the animal before he 

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